Olive Branch Orthodox Wedding Candle

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Olive Branch Wedding Candle will bring a rustic theme to your wedding day. The design itself represents peace, sincerity & forgiveness, which are the most important elements to any marriage.

Despite the delicate nature of an olive branch, it strongly speaks for the weight of humanity's most powerful gift: forgiveness. The design carries the meaning of getting along with your partner with sincerity. If anything messes up, there are always forgiveness and falling-in-love again. Moreover, it also complements as Greece blessing which says: 'May you always have bread and wine and olive oil in your house.'

Olive Branch Wedding Candle is made from a thick square candle (7x7cm & 100cm in length). The candle is tied with thin ropes and embraced by multi-layers of tulle and a thin layer of straw. Over the white & cream colour background, the olive branch is placed, using its dark green colour to highlight the design.

If you are hoping to add a rustic vibe to your wedding, this design would ideal.

Designed by Pandora Designs, handmade in Australia.