Store Hours

For customers

Monday – Friday: 10am – 4pm

Saturday: 10am – 3pm

Sundays by appointment only

Note: For garment fittings, please book in advanced.

For Wholesalers

By appointment only

How much time does it take to have my order finished?

It is best to place an order 3 – 5 weeks prior to the Christening, Communion or Wedding day.

If it is urgent, we might be able to organise to finish the order within at least a week before the event. However, this might depend on the volume of order we have had at that time.

It is our pleasure to be given a chance being part of your special event, so we will try our best to make it perfect! 

Do you have a store in my area?

Our main store is Pandora Designs, located at 39 Chester Street, Oakleigh, VIC 3166.

For stores outside Victoria, please contact us for more details.

Am I able to customise the original designs for my preference?

Absolutely yes! For the best experience, we allow our customer to make changes to the design we have either in-store or online!

And, for the best result, our experienced designer will give you advice on the final design before you place the order.

How could I make changes to the designs online without visiting your store?

Simply follow these steps:

In the specific product page > Make an inquiry for this product > Specify your preference adjustments

Or email us (info@pandoradesigns.com.au) the sample of the design you like and describe what would you like the outfit to be.

Do you do custom themes according to my description?

Absolutely yes! Our designers will assist you in mixing and matching all the event necessities according to your described theme. All will be exclusive and belongs to your own!

You can browse the latest Christening themes we made exclusively for our customers here for boys and girls.

How do I decide the correct size for my kids?

We will do the measurement if you could bring the baby in-store at 39 Chester Street, Oakleigh, VIC 3166. Or, do it yourself at home by following our measuring guide here. If you have any problem, feel free to contact us for the further assistant!

Do I need to book in advance for a consultant session?

You are welcomed to visit our store at any time during our opening hours.

However, to save your time, you can book in advance or simply give us a call on 03 9569 9407  before you come. 

Other questions? Chat with us now or give us a call on 03 9569 9407 or email us via info@pandoradesigns.com.au.