Catholic Christening Baptism Candle for Boy

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Delicate and classic designs available!

Our Catholic Christening Baptism candle can be customised and tailored to mix and match your Christening Baptism theme.

Custom options

The candle can be decorated with:

  • G.G ribbons and/or ropes
  • Cross
  • Different colour of writing

Note: the quote does not include the stole and may vary depends on custom options you selected.

Candle size

Round candle, 7.5cm in diameter & 22.5cm in height.

Style with our specialist

Our specialist is here to assist you in the selection of items that not only meets the requirements of the ceremony but also aligns with your preferences. The event will only happen once and you would like it to be memorable and meaningful. From the overall look to the smallest details, all is put together by our professional designers, experienced craftsmanship, and with love.

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