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Andrianna Grecian Tray | Pandora Designs Melbourne
Maha Round Tray | Pandora Designs Melbourne
Sabreena Rectangular Tray | Pandora Designs Melbourne
Tray - Hammered Oval - Available in Gold or Silver
Tray - Croc "Doyle & Co" Gold
Tray -  Croc "Doyle & Co" Nickel
Tray -  Gold Loop Mirror Tray 35cm
Mirror Tray - 0
Mirror Tray - Zeta
From $95.00
Tray - rdgoldmirrortray
Tray - Elegance - 1
Tray - Elegance
Tray - Gold European Style Mirror - 0
Tray - Oval European Style - 0
18 results
Trays - available now at Pandora Designs. Traditionally, Orthodox wedding crowns are styled on a tray to be presented to Church for the Wedding ceremony.  The traditional preparation of the tray, includes sugared almonds and rice placed around the wedding crowns.

Our range of trays are also greta for styling your Hamptons style home.

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