Greek Orthodox Wedding Crown Trays / Boxes

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Gold European-Styled Stefana Tray
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Elegant Rose Gold Stefana Tray
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Styling Round Greek Stefana Tray

The Greek Orthodox wedding tray is one of the necessities for a Greek Orthodox wedding. The tray is used to place the wedding crown Stefana and is decorated with rice and sugar almonds koufeta. During the sacrament, the guests sprinkle the rice on the newlyweds to pray for the new couple to take root and have a happy, blessed and blossoming life together.

The Greek Orthodox wedding tray is usually also used to store the wedding crown Stefana as a keepsake. Or, some couples may prefer a wedding crown Stefana box for this purpose.

Our collection of Greek Orthodox wedding trays / boxes features a range of hand-selected traditional & modern designs. Have a browse below or come visit us at our Oakleigh showroom in Melbourne.

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