Planning for an Orthodox Christening seems to be complicated and stressful, but here we are to help you make it the most as you dream by following this checklist:


1 – 6 months before Christening:

  1. Church
  2. Priest
  3. Date and Time for the ceremony
  4. Godparents
  5. Guest list
  6. Reception venue booked or home decor preparation (menu selections, themed decor ideas & supplies and etc)

3 – 4 weeks before Christening:

  1. Invitations ordered
  2. Christening outfits and outfits for parents, Godparents & siblings ordered (deciding styles, measuring baby, finalising the designs and place the order etc)
  3. Christening candle (‘Lambada’ Greek Christening candle, Catholic Christening candle or others)
  4. Christening box
  5. Christening box contents (as showed in the picture above) orthodox-christening-box-content
  6. Christening cake
  7. Portrait session
  8. Photographer
  9. Martyika (witness pins): tiny label of cross for witnesses

2 weeks before Christening:

  1. Invitations sent
  2. Check out the arrangement with venues, caterers and others related service providers

2 days before Christening:

  1. Gather all the order placed of the Christening necessities
  2. Final checking

Christening day? Enjoy!

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