Pandora Designs was found in 1998 by Sophie Hatzis, who has years of experience in the fashion industry and an in-depth understanding of different religious ceremonies. Sophie is very passionate about sharing her expertise and creative in styling with her customers, who are very excited about their upcoming special life event.

Whether you are seeking advice for a custom garment to be designed or any religious ceremony requirements, her suggestion will promise you the desired result.

The conversation will start with a warm greeting, asking what is your upcoming special event and what item(s) you are looking for. Depending on your preference and budget, we will suggest a variety of styles and materials that fit your needs, which can be ‘traditional’, ‘rustic theme’, or even any particular colour tone. What makes us a preferred choice is that we are willing to do our best to create a piece of work you will definitely love! Every single piece of linen, cotton, tulle, lace, or beaded lace is all hand-selected by Sophie. And, the item will be handmade here in Australia with great details and love.